• Starter
  • $99per month
  • Revenue of
    $0 – $50K
  • Basic
  • $149per month
  • Revenue of
    $50 – $125K
  • Pro
  • $199per month
  • Revenue of
    $125 – $250K
  • Elite
  • $249per month
  • Revenue of
    $250 – $400K

*If your Revenue is over $400K, Please contact us for a custom quote

Federal Tax Return

Each year we will prepare and E-File Form 1040 which is your personal tax return. You will always approve everything before we file.

Schedule A

As part of your Personal Tax Return, we will prepare a schedule of all itemized deductions helping you reduce tax liability and ensuring we find every deduction possible.

Schedule C

Because you are a Sole Proprietor, you must file this schedule to report your profit and loss from the business. We’ll ensure you are reporting all your business information accurately

Estimated Tax Vouchers

We’ll send you vouchers and instructions each year for your annual and quarterly tax payments. This makes paying your taxes a snap.

Financial Review Board Reports

2 times per year our Financial Review Board meets internally to review all aspects of your Business from Top to Bottom to determine if we can make any recommendations to help You and your Business. You will receive a summary of what we discuss after each meeting.

State Tax Return

Included with every Package is one State Tax Return prepared and filed for you.

Electronic Copies of Tax Documents

After we e-file your returns, we’ll send you an email with copies of all your documents that you can store with your personal records.

Monthly Bookkeeping Service

Our team of dedicated bookkeepers will ensure your business financials are always accurate and up to date each month.

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Electronic Copies of Tax Documents

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